Character & Creature Animation

Lion King 2019 Animation 

Responsible for all animation, with exception to: 
00:00:34 - 00:00:38 Some director notes were added 
00:00:44 - 00:01:00 Nala and Zazu only 
00:01:01 - 00:01:05 Scar only


Hello!  Thank you for visiting my website!
I am a 3D Artist with a focus in
Character & Creature Animation.
I have experience working in film and games.
My love for animation came from my background in gymnastics.
As an athlete, I spent over twelve years studying
body mechanics and performing to an audience...
not a far stretch from the job of an Animator! :)

Game Cycles

0:00 - 0:19 Animation only unless model is shown below (CityVille Holidaytown and Forestville © Zynga
0:19 - 0:23 Animation (Zombie Nation:  Bayou Breakout © Hive Media, Contracted through and animated at Present Creative)